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5-Gallons Slam 300:1 Super Concentrated


Minimum order case of 2

SKU: SLAM-5 Categories: ,
Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 18 in


SLAM -5 Concentrated Detergent or pre-spray for carpet cleaners


Balanced pH 7



Mix in Drum

Mix 1-Gallon of chemical to 300 gallons of water.

Mix in Pump up Sprayer:

Add ¼ ounce per gallon. (Add 1/4 oz of chemical to 1-gallon of water).

Mix in an inline sprayer

Hydro-Force sprayers simply multiply the number on your inline sprayer. For example, if your sprayer is set at 4 (which means will draw 1 part chemical to 4 parts of fresh water. In this case, you add 1/4 times 4 which equals one ounce of chemical to 1-gallon of water. Non-adjustable is fixed usually at 1:8 (which means it will draw 1-part chemical to 8 parts water), so you need to add 2 oz of chemical in 1-gallon of water when using an inline or hydro sprayer.




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